Lexi James: Album Release Show! w/ Mike Moore of Fire In The Field

Lexi James walks onto stage armed with a fierce command of the converging genres of Country and Pop music. A relative newcomer to the country music world, Lexi James has already amassed a large fan following, and has several major performances under her belt including performing with Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker and Brad Paisley. She performs with soulful vocals, captivating lyricism, and a stage presence reminiscent of the glory days of Reba. What distinguishes her from the rest of the pack is her undeniable charisma on and off the stage - She sure knows how to leave an impression.

Lexi James continues to push her music into new realms, with her newest work, "Ripple in the Water" releasing November 23, 2018! The new album features songs co-written by Carrie Underwood, and was recorded with Grammy and ACM award winner, Julian King.  It promises to bring the next evolution in Lexi James music, unapologetically authentic. Her 2016 album "Brave" is no different in its authenticity, as it offers listeners a complex experience of her hurt and loss that are paired with courageously uplifting songs. Such is true with the title track "Brave" which challenges listeners to embrace their inner fire with its driving lyrics.

Lexi James not only performs these themes on stage, she lives them and they serve as a testament to her unrelenting spirit. In her childhood, she was subjected to immense bullying by peers that led to a stutter that she still carries with her today. On stage, however, she's freed from those chains and can sing unimpaired. This encouraged her to pursue singing and songwriting, and continues to be a driving force behind all she does. She encourages herself and others to embrace their uniqueness and does so in a way that will continue to influence her music for years to come.

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Mike Moore is a solo performer, guitarist, songwriter, and frontman of Boston’s Fire in the Field.  The music immediately makes impression of singularity, pushing the boundaries of rock n’ roll with energy, depth and detail. Known for dangerous improv overlaid with poetry, the expression is an honest attack on the soul played with a sense of urgency and unfettered passion. The band’s signature endorphin-releasing, guitar-driven sound has a bluesman’s swagger with a punk heart. Mike Moore channels Hendrix via Prince, both musically and in showmanship, exploring the limits of the guitar with true abandon. Leaving it all on the stage, Moore pushes the envelope, exploring a melting pot of influences, from psychedelic and blues to funk and R & B.

Recently Fire in the Field were nominated for “Best in State - Massachusetts 2018” by the New England Music Awards and have had one of their songs featured on a nationally syndicated cable television show.  They have performed all over the northeast and beyond, including South By Southwest 2017.

“Drawing influence from a pinpointed and fine-tuned range of genres, Boston’s Fire in the Field hone in on a modern day Zeppelin/Hendrix hybrid sound that doesn’t lack energy or guitar solos. Their high energy and guitar focused songwriting style keep those tried and true genres relevant to the younger generation.” -VANYALAND

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7pm doors – 8pm show | $12 adv. – $15 day of

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