The New Schematics w/ Starcrossed Losers

Please note that there will be limited seating for this show.

Nashville’s The New Schematics spent their first fifteen months as a band proving that the Born Without Borders Tour was indeed the right name for the tour that spanned 97 shows in 42 cities across the US and Canada. As a band that quickly put so many shows under its belt, it is no wonder as to why they’ve gained the reputation as a live act with “the crowd control skills of preachers” (Cougar Microbes) whose “passion for their art is palpable” (Valslist).

The band officially began as a duo, with Cory Bishop (vocals, guitar) and Michael Bare (bass, vocals), who brought a rotating cast of bandmates on the road with them. A few months after they pulled him on stage for a guitar solo in New York City, Shanan Lau left the band that was opening for The New Schematics in order to join Cory and Michael as full-time third member.

They now usher in 2017 with the title track from their upcoming sophomore EP, Your Year (Feb 24). The sprawling rock’n’roll soundscape coupled with the clear-cut lyrical optimism of the lead single falls right in-line with their debut that already carried “the markings of a seasoned classic,” (Will Hodge, Noisetrade).

The New Schematics

Starcrossed Losers is the music of Kyle Morgan, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, based in Portland, ME.  Working with a rotating cast of bandmates from Maine to Pennsylvania, his dynamic performances range in style from stripped-down acoustic balladry and love-lorn parlor laments to old-school rock'n'roll, gritty gypsy-blues and distorted proto-punk.  Weaving together these seemingly disparate musical forms with a voice at once emotive and playful, Morgan's songs reflect the angst and longing of spirits bound by human form: Starcrossed Losers.

In April of 2013, while still living in his home state of Pennsylvania, Kyle Morgan released Starcrossed Losers under his own name.  Representative of his music in general, Losers is a diverse album featuring classic rock'n'roll and angsty country-punk side by side with painfully honest love-gone-wrong songs and old-time inspired folk ballads.  Immediately following the release, he joined forces with Portland-based folk/roots trio Tumbling Bones, moved to Maine, and spent the next two and a half years touring the east coast, Ireland, England, and Germany.  In 2014 and 2015, Tumbling Bones was chosen by the State Department-backed organization American Music Abroad to be cultural ambassadors to 5 countries in Eastern Europe.

Tumbling Bones ended in the summer of 2015, and Morgan began working on his second full-length album, Bind Us Anew, due to be released June 7th under the name Starcrossed Losers.  When asked about the reason for changing names, Morgan replied, "I wanted to create distance between Kyle Morgan and Kyle Morgan's art.  I wanted to establish a musical entity into which I could pour my creativity, rather thanbeing the musical entity, and having my gifts so intimately wrapped up with my self."

Beginning this new chapter in his musical life, Kyle was called to return to his first real love: rock'n'roll.  Not so much the rock'n'roll created in his life time (save the inescapable influence of such modern giants as Radiohead and Wilco), but the old-school rock'n'roll of the 60's: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, etc...  "I find an unbounded wealth of vitality in the ever-forward-driving rhythm of this music: the perfect relation of kick, snare, bass, and rumbling guitar, the Holy culmination of American suffering and striving: blues, country, gospel, and the unbridled angst of human rebellion.  All these things make up rock'n'roll, and I love to live in it's rhythm".

Starcrossed Lovers

7pm doors | 8pm show | $12 adv. | $15 day of

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