State Theatre and OLS Present: David Myles at Port City Music Hall

This show will be at Port City Music Hall, and tickets can be purchased at their box office or online here.

David Myles has always been attracted to another time. The Nova Scotian singer/songwriter felt the pull of history even as a kid, playing an orphan in an Oliver Twist musical and winning a lip-sync contest to “Heartbreak Hotel” as a seven-year-old.

“Between those two experiences, I kind of was hooked,” he said. “That’s where I got the entertainment bug.”

But it was later, in his teens, when everyone else was listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam, that another classic sound really changed his life.

“You know when you’re a teenager and you have that moment and you find a record that kind of feels like it’s just yours?” he said. “For me, that was Miles Davis. I played trumpet so I got a Miles Davis record and I was like, ‘Whoa. This is awesome.’”

Today, Myles has made a living traversing musical time periods and genres, crisscrossing from folk, roots, pop, jazz, and country, and swinging between the forties, fifties and sixties to 2015, with the flick of a wrist and the strum of a guitar.

“I like sitting somewhere between Chuck Berry and Chet Baker,” said the singer-songwriter who wears suits on stage and invokes eras gone by. “I kind of think of my sound as ‘acoustic crooner.’ That’s kind of my vibe,” he laughs. “I might have coined something.”

So Far, Myles’ official US debut, is a collection of his songs over the years, re-recorded, with an easy-going, effortless sound. His smooth timbre anchors each hook-filled ditty, taking the listener from plaintive and introspective songs, to upbeat and urgent tunes, and soulful and lovelorn tales wrapped inside three minutes.

“I love the energy of the ’50s,” he said. “There’s something about that era, just before things went crazy psychedelic, it’s this great mix of being refined, but you can also feel the bubbling energy of something just about to fray a little bit, like when you watch Elvis.”

So Far managed to capture that energy, too; it’s the first time he’s recorded with a band the way he’s always wanted to.

“Jazz has always affected the way I like to hear sounds,” he said. “The record, even though it’s not jazz by any stretch, it’s made in the same way. We played live in the same room, just like they would have made a record back then. It was everybody in the same room, no headphones. It was super old school.”

Myles feels like he finally has a record that sounds like what he hears in his head when he’s writing. “For a long time I felt like “Oh, we’re a great live band,” but I just couldn’t figure out how to capture that on record,” he said.

Stripped of studio trickery, the talents of Myles and his band—guitarist Alan Jeffries and stand-up bass player Kyle Cunjak—shine through; the guitar is crisp, the timbre of Myles’ voice is clear and unvarnished.

David Myles

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6pm doors – 7pm show | $10 adv. – $12 doors – $20 preferred seating

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