Mark Otim is the celestial visionary known as AFRiCAN DUNDADA. His initials are fitting with his Modus Operandi an intention of bringing more smiles to faces in a world that obviously prefers the corners of their mouth to levitate rather than to have them pulled down by the strings of identifying strictly with worldly form. Sadly, we are inundated with negative reminders. The negativity starts inside our head with expectations rooted in folly combined with illustrious illusions that we are too small to matter; simultaneously thinking we are greater than everything else- a conditioned belief implemented from childhood that we are separate. African Dundada adamantly embodies a knowing we are all connected to something much bigger than ourselves; however, with the caveat that nothing is greater because we all are extensions of this divine consciousness tethered to a metaphysical realm. We are the physical manifestations of Good (God with a pay increase- one more 0). African Dundada believing we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around.

Mark Otim, more notably known as African Dundada, is a renaissance man who passionately evokes an awakened state within making a path of least resistance towards an acknowledgment of Higher Self consciousness for the betterment of others through his music, activism, and philanthropy. Hailing from South Sudan, Africa, Mark Otim was born to the Acholi tribe Pajok- a community in Eastern Equatoria state of South Sudan, 24 miles south of Magwi- near the border of Uganda. M.O. is no stranger to hardships spending his formative years in a refugee camp when his parents, eight brother's and sister's fled to Uganda. Meanwhile, his father courageously traveled to Kenya to find a more permanent living solution for his beloved family. M.O. morphed into African Dundada during these eight years only knowing life in this camp. Distinct reflection and recollection of those times of despair and hunger keeps the embers white hot to manifest his fire for music- synonymous with helping those in need.

"You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin the less likely you are to find it at all." -Dead Poets Society.

This quote time-stamps me sitting on a jagged rock adjacent to African Dundada with the ocean reflecting the sun behind us in Portland, ME. He vividly told me the inception to his main motivation for possessing his insatiable passion for music. Dundada, with genuine vulnerability, expressed solemnly that the vast majority of his family stutters when they speak. Mark has found his voice for the voiceless- initially starting out representing his family and now expanding to those who are starving literally as well as for hope. Embarking on a revolution of evolution for mindfulness and positive change through music. Being his families voice through positive purpose. The way music speaks what cannot be expressed, I cannot express how admirable African Dundada's quest, through his music, to raise awareness and resources for the millions still struggling to survive in the fractured aftermath of the conflicts and ever present shortage of food, supplies, education, and opportunities for all of Africa.

It was written, "music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul." -Plato


AKELA MOON is an original musical project based out of Portland, ME. We blend diverse elements of soul, funk, rock, afrobeat & latin music into a unique sound. Made up of an experienced group of musicians, many of us have played in various other projects together, facilitating a right and eclectic sound.


*Jojo Calavera--vox, guitar
*Greg Goodwin--bass, vox
*Tim Myers--drums, percussion
*Svanna Clariot--percussion, vox
*Emma Stanley--trumpet, flugelhorn

AKELA MOON: Facebook | Instagram

Myles Bullen is an alternative rapper from Portland, ME who writes songs that touch on self empowerment, social justice issues, and creating community. He performs in Schools, Juvenile Prisons, Rehabilitation Centers and Conscious Music Festivals. Over the last 4 years Myles has traveled through more than 40 states performing his music and teaching workshops. His passion for music and helping others has led him to develop hip hop and poetry performances that are designed to inspire individuals and strengthen communities.

Myles Bullen | Facebook

TOAST is an acoustic duo from the greater Portland area, consisting of Emma Ivy and Justin Lindsay. They play a mix of classic rock and folk-pop music. Formed in 2015, TOAST has been rising in the Portland music scene and has begun to write and record their own original songs.

TOAST | Facebook | Instagram

Led by vocal powerhouses Papa Tim - a wildly enthusiastic entertainer and soulful balladeer with a voice described as "equal parts Baptist Preacher and Bluesman" and Janaesound - whose unforgettable voice is known to stir the soul, rumored to realign planets, and is harnessed by the government to bring about world peace by way of mind control. Backed by a " personal supergroup" of area-based musicians, the 'Desperate Man's Blues Explosion!' brings their incredible amount of talent and musical prowess to the stage with a selection of original jams & some twists on a few popular favorites that are guaranteed to have everyone in the audience clapping, dancing, moving and grooving right along!!

Band Members
**Papa Tim - Lead Vocals, Preacher, storyteller, foot-stomper, percussion.
** JanaeSound - Dynamic Vocalist, Soul Sister
**Eric Napier - Guitar
**John Guenther - Bass
**Joe Beninati- Drums & percussion

Past collaborators include: Brackett Clarke, Andy "Beaver" Johnson, Marcus Kapp, Aaron Nadeau, Sherwood Olin, Daniel Willertz

The Desperate Man's Blues Explosion: Facebook

7pm doors – 8pm show | $12 adv. – $15 day of

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