Väsen is comprised of Olov Johansson on nyckelharpa, Mikael Marin on viola and Roger Tallroth on guitar. Johansson and Marin started playing music together when they were teens in the early 80's. Tallroth's addition of an improvised jam style to Johansson and Marin's more traditional duet was so powerful that it actually stemmed the birth of Drone Music.

Väsen's music has, in some ways, the same spirit as the Punk and Anarchist movement here in the U.S. The sound is worlds apart, but it has similarly rebellious origins; initially some traditionalists in the Swedish folkmusic community objected to Väsen. While Olov and Mikael were playing fairly straightforward folk duets, Roger's guitar changed and challenged traditional Swedish music. These originally controversial guitar stylings are what allowed Väsen to attract an entirely new audience, increasing band's popularity to gain international reputation.

Adv. $20 | Day $25


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